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Monday, 04/21/14
People entering a career in business for the first time often experience quite a bit of difficulty communicating with their coworkers and supervisors. Some might think that effectively expressing yourself in the workplace isn't important, but it can be crucial when you are addressing conflicts or concerns, and can have a significant affect... + continue reading
Wednesday, 03/12/14
Are you ready to move on? Either internally or externally? Here's how you go about it. First, revise your resume. Seriously, even if you are hoping to be promoted internally and stay within the same department with the same boss. Even if you are looking for simply a “growth promotion” where you essentially stay in the same... + continue reading

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Tuesday, 06/24/14
Are you looking to advance your career? Job hunting can be a trying experience, causing many people to joke that finding a job is one in itself. The reality is that searching for a new job is a... + continue reading


Use social media trends to make the most of your business.
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Thursday, 07/03/14
Social media has become an integral part of careers in business. Major players such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become platforms for announcing new products, showcasing innovation, listing... + continue reading


Nurses might be looking to the Pacific Northwest for jobs.
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Friday, 06/20/14
In nursing news, Evolution Financial, through its personal financing platform WalletHub, has released rankings of the best states for nurses. The ranking system included all fifty states as well as... + continue reading


Have you considered your classroom seating arrangement?
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Thursday, 06/26/14
If you're looking forward to a career in teaching, you can probably envision what you want your classroom to look like. You can see the posters on the wall, what you'll write on the... + continue reading

Information Technology

The best places to work in IT.
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Monday, 06/30/14
In information technology news, ComputerWorld has officially announced it's 2014 selection for the top 100 companies to work for in IT. This is the 21st year the website has conducted the... + continue reading


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Tuesday, 02/18/14
Pursuing a career in business can lead to great experiences professionally and personally. Many people attracted to this field have a strong drive and commitment to excellence. One of the most... + continue reading