2015 CareerBuilder Job Forecast Shows Employer Confidence

The 2015 CareerBuilder U.S. Jobs Forecast shows increasing minimum wage, more full and part-time hiring and open floor plans.

CareerBuilder released their 2015 U.S. Job Forecast and it shows growth in full-time positions, careers in information technology, science, math and engineering and added positions in sales and customer service.

The data was collected from a survey done by Harris Poll from Nov. 4, 2014 - Dec 2, 2014 across 2,192 human resource professionals and hiring managers in varying industries. 

Hiring and firing
According to the survey, 36 percent of employers plan to hire more full-time, permanent workers in 2015. Last year, only 24 percent planned to do so. Only nine percent of those surveyed were looking to decrease their staff whereas last year 13 percent were expecting to have to lay off employees. 

Of hiring managers surveyed, 31 percent are hiring jobs in STEM-related positions. Other jobs involving customer loyalty, innovation and revenue growth are also popular. About 36 percent of those surveyed are looking to hire sales professionals, 33 percent are hiring in customer service, 26 percent in information technology and 26 percent in production. Around 22 percent are hoping to hire for administrative positions. 

Emerging fields such as cyber security, alternative energy sources, robotics, anti-terrorism, robotics, managing and interpreting big data and cloud technology are also popular fields that many employers are looking to gain insight into. 

Hiring in temporary and contract positions is expected to increase with 46 percent of those surveyed planning to hire, a four percent increase from last year. Around 56 percent of those employers plan to transition some temporary workers into permanent, full-time positions. 

The survey found that an increase in minimum wage is expected from 45 percent of employers within the year. Half of those will increase the wage by $2 or more per hour, with only 47 percent increasing pay by $1 or less.

Small businesses of 250 or fewer people are expected to add full-time employees, a mere 7 percent of those surveyed planning to downsize and 55 percent planning to stay the same.

Because of the evolution of technology and it's integration into the workplace, employers are hiring more educated workers on all position levels. 

The number of part-time jobs are set to increase, with 23 percent of employers expecting to hire part-time workers in the next year.

Work environments are set to change as 13 percent of those surveyed plan to have an open floor plan in the upcoming year to foster better communication and collaboration. 

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