Apple's Purchases Data Analytics Firm

Apple buys data analytics firm

Apple, the multinational computer giant, has been rapidly building its business portfolio for the past two years. It recently purchased Topsy Labs, a data analytics firm that catalogs and filters conversations on Twitter.

People who are considering a career in business might be interested in Apple's recent buying spree because most of the purchases are involved in mobile technology and software development. While not much is known about why one of the most valuable companies in the world has been spending money left and right, one thing is certain: when Apple acts, innovation and business follow.

Focusing on social media
Apple purchased the data analytics firm because of their focus on social media. Topsy Labs is known for their development of the only full-scale index of public social content. Through the index, they can instantly analyze hashtags, trending topics or obscure terms that have been used. The index has archives dating back several years across millions of websites.

Topsy's clients can log on and mine for useful data concerning consumers. Marketers can identify keywords, public opinions and recurring content over a designated time period or in real time. Topsy's detailed and precise metrics can also be leveraged to boost sales and predict possible outcomes.

There has been no comment from Apple about its most recent splurge, and market analysts say the company could be looking to develop more accurate advertisements. But Apple might just be trying to stay briefed on the latest trending topics and public conversations.

Apple purchases in 2013
Topsy Labs is the latest in a long line of Apple purchases in 2013. PrimeSense is an Israeli developer of motion tracking technology. Apple paid an estimated $350 million to acquire the company on Nov. 24. Their products detects and analyzes body movements and translates data readings.  Apple also bought Cue, an application developer, on Oct. 3, for approximately $40 million.

People interested in a career in business could see these recent purchases as a way for Apple to diversify its technology to gain a stronger hold of the technology market. With the evolution of technology as fast-paced as it is, a growth in the sale and acquisition of the latest programs and hardware could lead to more business between Apple and the sectors with which the company traditionally ignores.

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