Best Cities For Public Relations Specialists

Best Cities For Public Relations Specialists

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business but would also like to be a part of creating the public image of newsworthy people, you should consider working as a public relations specialist. Small companies and large organizations across many industries need to keep their relationships with the public pristine in order to maintain relevancy in today's society. Royalty, presidents of nations, executive directors of multinational corporations and many other individuals you see on television rely on PR personnel to generate positive publicity and enhance their reputations.

Public relations specialists often earn their degree in business, marketing, communications or another related field. They are usually asked to create print and web-based communications materials. These might include multiple press releases, presentations, story pitches, scripts and speeches that reflect their client's image. The work of  this kind of specialist is never ending, but it can be very rewarding. PR specialists can also find work in many different cities across the country. Here are a few of the best cities to work in the field of public relations:

Washington, D.C. 
The U.S. capital and the surrounding metropolitan area features one of the highest concentrations of employment for public relations specialists. Powerful political figures are constantly scrutinized by the public. A mishandled publicized event could end decades of hard work in an instant. This is why many in the political field hire PR specialists to maintain their positive public image. Employers in Washington, D.C., pay their public relations personnel very well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, PR specialists in D.C. earn an annual mean wage of $92,150.

The Mile-High City boasts a very high concentration of public relations jobs, almost triple the national average. The city provides various outdoor activities, a tolerable winter, a reasonable cost of living and a relatively relaxed attitude toward living. In addition to all these benefits, PR specialists here are among the best paid in the U.S. The annual mean wage for individuals in the public relations industry in Denver is $57,460.

Beantown is among the top cities for PR specialists because many aspiring politicians reside here and business executives have established enterprises in the city. Boston is also where Allen and Gerritsen, an up-and-coming communications and marketing agency, is located. The firm has a reputation for hiring young, courageous staff and is a great company to put on your resume.

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