Best Smartphone Apps For Accountants

Here are a few apps that every accountant could use.

If you're about to complete your online accounting degree, it's important to stay up to date about the latest advancements in accounting technology. Whether you're crunching numbers for a new company or simply need a more organized way of recording financial records, there are tons of new smartphone apps that help aspiring accountants deal with some of the more tedious tasks of the job. Here are a few essential apps for anyone who is trying to excel at a career in accounting:

powerOne Financial Pro Calculator
While essentially any calculator can be an accountant's best friend, the powerOne FInancial Pro Calculator can go above and beyond simple arithmetic and help calculate all variations of company expenses. This app allows you to create projections and equations for a wide variety of spreadsheet-like templates, ranging from mortgages, real estate, investments, science and medical fiscal matters. Best of all, you can even graph visual data to help better envision investment or mortgage strategies. 

This is another app that's geared for businesses to help manage their expenses with just a few swipes of a smartphones. Accountants using inDinero can track all their different company bank or credit accounts from one place. You can also receive message alerts whenever bills or changes in your accounts occur. With inDinero, accountants can also take pictures of and save records of receipts for any business expenses.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting
With the FreshBooks Cloud Accounting app, accountants can easily send invoices to clients and receive payments online. You can also automatically import expenses from all your personal or company credit cards and bank accounts, making it easier to manage your overall budget. The FreshBooks Cloud Accounting app is also convenient because the data and records saved can be accessible to you anywhere, and available to use on all your digital devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptops.

While Dropbox is an app that can be used for a wide variety of occupations, it can help accountants specifically by making it extremely easier to share banking statements, receipt documents or send bills with other employees, employers or clients. Dropbox makes it easier to share larger files with other people, and can also be accessed by essentially any device.

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