Bringing Creativity to the Office

One of the biggest threats to careers in business is a lack of creativity. Being able to solve problems and achieve objectives in ways that are new and different is at the heart of office creativity. However, it is natural to feel as though our work is falling into the same cyclical patterns. Here are some tips and tricks to recapture that energy and reinvigorate the creative spirit in your work life:

Awaken Your Senses
Reinvest in all five of your senses in order to fully interact with the world around you. Doing so will stimulate your brain to make more connections, thus resulting in more creative thinking. Include many stimulating visual images around your workspace and get as much natural light as possible. Try listening to some ambient noise or music while working to engage your sense of hearing. Small toys like stress balls provide stimulation for your sense of touch, while scented candles or incense can trigger strong psychological responses via smell. Finally, use your lunch break to fuel your body with healthy, natural foods to activate your sense of taste.

Surround Yourself with Good People
The people you surround yourself with at work have a significant effect on your state of mind. Be sure to associate with people who are like-minded and share your entrepreneurial vision. Positive energy is always more productive than negative energy. Those who bring a positive point of view to their work encourage others to create, while those who complain or put others down bring office morale down as a whole.

In addition, try to associate with many different people whose experiences and histories differ from your own. The diverse perspectives of those around you will force you to consider things that you may never have encountered before. Of course, you must be willing to look at a problem from all angles rather than just dismiss offhand the thoughts and opinions of those around you.

Make Time for Rest and Relaxation
Spending all your time thinking about work is a sure way to suffer from burnout early in your career. Make time to get away from your work life and seek out new and exciting experiences. Taking vacations will not only allow your brain to recharge, but also give you the chance to develop a fresh perspective. Sometimes when you are too close to a problem, it is hard to see the bigger picture. Take some time off and come back to the project with fresh eyes and a clean slate.

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