What Should I Do with a Business Management Degree?

If you’ve chosen a degree in Business Management, you’ve probably made some post-grad career plans. However, unemployment numbers and geography could present a few roadblocks when it’s time to apply for a job. If you’re having trouble carving out a path, take a look at these options. All come with booming opportunity and paychecks to match.

Financial Controller. Is your bank account like a well-oiled machine? Can you recite the monthly amounts of your revolving bills? If you are good with money, becoming a Financial Controller might be the right fit for you. These folks are responsible for understanding how money is used in a company setting and where it goes. They keep track of regulations and analyze how to use business funds in the most effective ways. If financial puzzles sound like a breeze, give this job a second glance.

General/Operations Manager. Every business needs a manager, whether it’s a busy restaurant or a start-up in need of some guidance. When looking for management jobs, consider your past experience. Have you worked in food service before? Is retail an interest? Do you know your way around a construction site? Cashing in on your previous knowledge could help you find a better job in a familiar field. Think about what you enjoy and parlay your interests into a management position.

Project Manager. Project managers know how to juggle a workload across multiple people. The average PM is responsible for handling the scheduling and work overview of their department, talking to customers or vendors, and keeping things running smoothly. While Project Managers aren’t tasked with the actual duties of their employees, they usually need some understanding of the topic. For example, an engineering manager does not design or create parts, but he needs to understand how they work in order to do his job well. If you have a firm grasp of a particular subject, consider breaking into the field as a manager. The best managers often have some hands-on experience.

Marketing Manager. For someone who loves organization and creativity, this job is a dream come true. Marketing Managers know how to drum up interest and keep it coming. They create the face of a company and decide how it will communicate with customers and other businesses. They organize giveaways, create a social media presence, and help employees get involved to create company awareness. If you understand how to capture the attention of an audience with a fun and interesting message, you’re bound to find satisfaction in this career.

HR Manager. Are you the peacemaker of the family? Do you know how to diffuse disagreements and strike compromises? If so, Human Resources needs you. HR Managers do more than referee—they help employees understand their benefits and training. They are also responsible for recruiting new and qualified people into their company, creating a better staff in the process. If people management is your strong suit, HR is for you.

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