Best States for Marketing Managers

Pursuing a career in business can lead to great experiences professionally and personally. Many people attracted to this field have a strong drive and commitment to excellence. One of the most competitive positions available for business majors is marketing management, but it is also one of the most rewarding. While some states in the U.S. are struggling to create jobs for the unemployed, there are a few who have job opportunities for people who can help businesses sell their products. Here are some of the best states for marketing managers:

New York
This state features a healthy employment rate for marketing professionals. New York City is known for attracting international business, with many Fortune 500 companies residing in the heart of its downtown area. The city has always been known as a global hub for industries like marketing, advertising and public relations. However, a surge of tech startups and digital media enterprises have recently purchased real estate in the Big Apple. These companies are seeking out marketing professionals such as marketing directors, managers, coordinators, social media experts and even interns. Tech companies need the expertise of marketing majors to help sell products and services, develop brand recognition and meet the needs untapped niches in the market.

Well-established New York companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Random House and Estée Lauder are also seeking out marketing experts. JPMorgan Chase needs professionals to work in global communications and project management. Random House, publishing giant, is planning to add multiple openings for managers, associates and assistants. Estée Lauder, an international makeup, fragrance and skin care manufacturer, needs people who understand the global market.

On the West Coast of the U.S., California ranks among the top states for marketing majors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Golden State has more than 28,000 professionals working in the marketing field. The annual mean wage of for marketers working in California is $147,240, making it a very desirable location for new grads. According to Indeed, Oakland is aggressively seeking to fill positions in search engine marketing and emerging media.

With one of the largest retail industries in the U.S. residing in Chicago, it's no wonder why many professionals are seeking out marketing positions in Illinois. Dozens of multinational corporations conduct business within Chicago's borders. Hundreds of marketing positions, ranging from director to associate levels, are waiting to be filled. The Windy City also treats its marketers right. According the BLS, they earn an annual mean wage of $110,390.

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