Business Travel Tips

Keep items you must have for your trip in your carry-on. This way you won't lose them if your luggage doesn't make it to your destination.

Many people with careers in business have to travel in order to meet with clients, make connections and finalize deals. Some people find packing to be the worst part of the trip because they have a hard time deciding what to bring and how to get it all to fit in their luggage. Follow these packing tips for business travel and you won't have to worry anymore:

Concerned your clothing will get scrunched in your suitcase? Buy wrinkle-free items and you won't have to fret about ironing. Skip folding your clothes and opt to roll pack them instead. Roll each item into a tidy log and place like with like items inside of plastic locking baggies. Squeeze the air out and you will easily be able to see what item is where and keep everything in place while traveling. Plus, the baggies will prevent any potential toiletry spillage from ruining your items. 

Place rolled up socks inside your shoes to help them keep shape and give you extra space. Use a shower cap to cover the souls so they don't dirty up your suitcase or other items in your luggage. If you are using a wheeling suitcase, put your footwear at the bottom, closest to the floor. Heavy items at the bottom will make your luggage easier to wheel and carry. For bagusers follow the same principle, shoes go at the end nearest the floor. 

Follow airport security rules if you are traveling by plane. Have extra clear baggies on hand in case you need to isolate a toiletry item that is leaking, like body wash or toothpaste. Keep all your bathroom items together so you don't have to scramble at airport security or root around in your luggage to find things at your destination.

Keep your wallet, identification, transit ticket, a change of clothes, a toothbrush and any technology that you are bringing in your carry-on or briefcase if you are flying. This allows you to bring it with you on the plane and not worry about ending up without your things once you reach your destination. If you're traveling by car, it is wise to bring a vehicle charger for your cell phone. You may run out of battery and need to call for help. Using your GPS can also quickly deplete your battery.

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