Creating Opportunities With Your Business Degree

In today's competitive job market, people armed with a bachelor's degree in business can create opportunities where those with no degree or an associate degree cannot. Hiring managers of companies across the country know that earning this degree takes determination and intelligence, characteristics that are greatly desired in a professional work environment. The skills and training you acquire while completing a business degree also allow you to confidently pursue a career and find financial security in a wide variety of fields, including human resources, marketing and information technology.

Human Resources
While earning your business degree, you will take many courses that explore how to effectively communicate with others. These courses teach you how to deal with conflict in a professional manner and accurately identify the characteristics of motivated individuals. Organizations actively seek out people with business degrees to fill human resources positions because they have the skills needed to read people and bring in new hires that will benefit their company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), human resources managers earn a median salary of $109,590 as of 2012.

All organizations rely on the skills and knowledge of their marketing departments to help them get an edge over the competition. A person with a business degree would be an ideal candidate for a marketing manager position because they have an overarching knowledge of business theory, what people tend to buy and why they purchase those items at all. Developing marketing strategies requires research skills that you will have because of your degree. You can discover more about the benefits of using a business degree to enter the marketing field through our career guide, but for your immediate reference, marketing managers earn a median salary of $129,870.

Information technology
The fields of business and technology have helped each other grow since Henry Ford used the assembly line to produce reliable and affordable automobiles. In the information age that we live in today, people who have a business degree in IT would be great candidates for IT manager positions because they can offer invaluable insight on both commerce and technological innovation. According to the BLS, IT managers are offered highly competitive salaries, earning a median salary of $120,950.

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