Four Small Business Strategies for the Holidays

Providing loyal customers with extra deals and perks is a great way to say thanks during the holidays.

While many people view the holidays as a time where the biggest businesses go all out to pursue and lure customers into spending more during this season, this time of year is also crucial for smaller businesses to try to end their fiscal fourth quarter on a high note. Anyone aspiring to complete their online business degree also probably dreams of one day becoming their own boss, so here are some sales and marketing strategies for any small business owner trying to make the most out of the holiday season:

Get Festive Through Social Media
When it gets to this time of year, social media becomes even more significant for businesses primarily because customers are always using sites like Twitter and Facebook to scrounge for the latest deals. Cater to the season by having a graphic designer install a more holiday-themed layout for your social media sites as you try to boost your followers, friends and overall customer interaction. This graphic design holiday makeover can also be a one-time investment, as you can use the same layout again next year.

Spread the News
For any small businesses who use a emailing list with their customers, send out a newsletter prior to December that covers all the exciting products and deals they can expect to find through your website or store. The earlier you reach out to them, the more likely they'll keep you in mind throughout the holiday season. 

Be Realistic About Shipping
If your business thrives on efficient shipping, managing and tracking orders during the holidays can prove extremely hectic. While you want to ensure that your customers are receiving the fastest services possible, if you know your shipping orders are going to vastly increase, provide them with a more realistic timetable of when they'll receive their request. Nothing damages a reputation like a late shipping order, especially if it's being used as a gift.

Tis the Season!
For businesses who expect a little boom in sales during the holidays, why not give a little something back to the customers who help you thrive? Loyalty is a key component to any successful business, so try to offer little discounts or perks for anyone ordering a specific amount of your products. These subtle, yet generous gestures will go a long way, and help customers remember to use your services again during the holiday season. 

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