Helpful Apps for Business School Students

Try these apps to help you network, do homework and find jobs in the business industry.

Those seeking careers in business know how important time management can be. If there is an easier, more efficient way to do something, they're likely to try to find it. We've found some apps for your phone or tablet that can help you to succeed in school and get on your way to career advancement.

This app is great for searching for research material. With the app, you can peruse over 25 search engines, including Google Patents, PubMed, Scopus and arXiv. If you frequent a particular type of article or subject matter, Papers will suggest related articles. You can highlight, favorite and import search results into your library for easy reference later. It will also help you format into more than 7,000 citation styles. This is a serious homework helper for research papers. 

Get the LinkedIn app for all your business networking needs. Easily connect with colleagues and classmates and browse for news and jobs in your industry. You'll also have access to career advice on how to find careers in business administration and gain insight into the news and happenings in the business world. It's also a great place to see your network grow and find valuable connections that may prove useful when seeking job opportunities.

As a business major, you will be drafting business plans on the go quite often. This note-taking app has categories, like brand identity, target market, distribution channels and more, which allow you to easily sort information and have it at hand for when you need to share it with a project or business partner. With the app you can easily establish your thought process, from the idea to the business model and executing your newly made business plan. This app is great for entrepreneurs and business-minded people of all ages and experience levels but is especially geared toward students who need some help structuring their thought process.

Take a photo of a business card and this app will automatically store the information in your phone or tablet. The person or business' LinkedIn profile will appear once you have uploaded the photo so you can easily connect with them online as well as face-to-face. This app is great for networking events and for keeping your workspace uncluttered.

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