How to Become an Administrative Project Manager

How to Become  a Project Manager

Becoming an administrative project manager is not an easy task, but if you are interested in pursuing a career in business, it is a rewarding and satisfying profession. Leadership ability, critical thinking skills and technical know-how are among the qualities you will need to possess in order to be successful in this position. Here are a few factors to consider:

What do administrative project managers do?
Project managers are essentially accountable for the success or failure of project. Part of that accountability includes designing, implementing and monitoring the completion of daily objectives. Project managers speak with other department heads to align their project's business goals with the overall mission of the organization. Maintaining communication with stakeholders, investors and other business partners is also a part of the job. Whether there are unexpected obstacles or ifan early milestone are reached, they are the ones responsible for keeping all parties informed. Administrative program managers often find themselves working on solutions with many different people. They are asked by executives to handle multiple business situations simultaneously and are required to delegate responsibilities to other people on their team when necessary.

What type of education or certification should an administrative project manager have?
The type of education you need to become a project manager depends greatly on the industry you decide to enter. Architectural firms will seek out people with a background in civil engineering, while health care or insurance companies will want to hire those who understand that industry. However, becoming an effective project manager requires a substantial amount of training that goes beyond a bachelor's degree. In order to be more marketable, consider earning your MBA or a similar graduate degree to boost your chances of employment with a top-tier organization.

Courses for MBA degrees often include government, business and international economy classes, courses on business strategy, entrepreneurial management, leadership and corporate accountability, and various marketing workshops.

Why should I become an administrative project manager?
There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a project manager. According to, annual base salaries for this profession vary depending on industry. The median salary for construction project managers is $92,199. Level III IT project managers earn a median salary of $99,741. According to, companies that have the most project management opportunities exist in the biotech and high-tech industries.

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