How to Become a Marketing Manager

The men and women who pursue a career in business often enjoy their work. They find it personally satisfying, intellectually challenging and financially rewarding. One of the most creative positions in business is marketing manager. They work with a team of analysts and researchers to develop a plan to generate sales for a product or service. If you think you are a great communicator, can stay organized and love immersing yourself in different types of media, marketing management might be for you.

What do marketing managers do?
Marketing managers work with the creative, research and development departments of an organization to create advertising campaigns for a product. For any given campaign, marketing managers need to gather raw data on their service or product. In order to do this, they initiate market research studies and work with analysts to use the information in a way that benefits the company. After the data is analyzed, they plan out certain strategies for different types of media, such as print, online, television, radio and billboards. Other responsibilities include meeting with clients to provide strategic or technical marketing advice, hiring advertising and marketing staff and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the marketing department.

What type of degree should I earn?
Most marketing managers earn their bachelor's degree in advertising or marketing management. Courses should include consumer behavior, how to conduct market research, theories behind sales, different communication methods and technology, and some art or photography classes. However, in order to become more marketable to businesses, most managers opt to earn their master's degree in business administration. In order to earn your MBA, you need to take intensive classes that cover leadership, management and financial analysis. Marketing managers earning their MBA online should also take courses in emerging electronic business practices and ethical and social responsibilities.

Why should I pursue a career in marketing management?
There are many reasons why a person would want to pursue this career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of marketing managers is expected to grow 14 percent through 2020. As companies begin to expand and work to control their market share, marketing managers will become a necessity. They have the training to plan and direct promotional campaigns, as well as the foresight to introduce new products to the marketplace.

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