How to Become a Team Player at Work

Becoming a team player could be an important part of advancing your career.

There are certain buzzwords that anyone with a career in business is liable to hear around the office: self-starter, results-oriented, team player. According to Forbes, being a "good team player" is actually one of the qualities that's most valued by management. It may even make the difference between getting a promotion or staying put. Want to learn how to become a good team member? Give these tactics a try:

1. Communicate
You can't be a valued member of the team if you stare at your computer all day and never express your opinions, so don't be afraid to become a member of your work community. When you have a comment to make, be honest and direct without taking on an accusatory tone. Your co-workers want to hear your opinions, but not if you're just complaining without presenting alternative solutions.

2. Be flexible
Things change - even in a highly regimented workplace - and the ability to adapt to any situation and simply go with the flow is an important quality in team players. Whether the location of your meeting changed at the last minute, you're working with a different department than normal or there's a client crisis, showing flexibility is always appreciated by co-workers and management.

3. Show respect
Although it goes without saying that you should show respect to your boss, don't forget to do the same for your co-workers. Appreciating how everyone in the workplace contributes to the company's success will not only make it a more positive place to work, it will also inspire people to give you respect and understanding in return.

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