How to Manage Different Types of Workers

Being an effective business manager means knowing how to motivate many different types of people.

Careers in business management often involve learning how to supervise many different types of workers. In any office setting, managers will be faced with the challenge of leading people with contrasting personalities, skill levels and approaches to work while maintaining consistency and earning the respect of employees. It can be a lot to handle, so use these tips to be an effective manager:

1. Explain everything
When it comes to being a good manager, communication is key. This is especially true for those managing interns and members of the Millennial generation, who respond well to detailed instructions. Assuming that an employee knows how something should be done will only serve to make you frustrated and upset, possibly damaging your relationship with that worker. Be clear with your instructions the first time around, and things will go much more smoothly.

2. Provide incentives
Performance incentives can be a great way to get workers motivated to complete tasks quickly and effectively. This method of management is particularly useful when supervising people with Type A personalities, who are naturally driven to be leaders and perform well when an incentive is placed before them.

3. Set goals
Similar to providing incentives, having high expectations of your fellow employees and setting concrete goals for them to reach will push them to do better, and, in turn, feel better about themselves. Don't assume that someone is not capable of something because of their age or experience level - challenge them to use their skills, and more often than not they will deliver.

4. Build relationships
Part of being a good manager means building quality working relationships with each and every employee. This is especially important when trying to motivate people who don't like being managed. For example, focus on collaboration rather than supervision with Type B workers, and show interest in and respect for the work of baby boomers instead of micro managing. Building a good working relationship will require a different approach with each individual, but will help you earn your employees' respect and be a better manager in the long run.

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