Job Opportunities for Business Accounting Majors

There are many job opportunities waiting for people who have earned their accounting degree. Some can choose to go into the public sector and work for large accounting firms like KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. You can work in the financial departments of corporations or enterprising tech start-ups. Almost every industry can use the knowledge and experience of someone who is pursuing a career in business accounting. Here are a few job opportunities available for your consideration:

Tax examiner
The people who make sure the public and businesses pay taxes are tax examiners or revenue agents.They work to verify that taxes are properly filed and are required to discuss certain options with people who have not filed correctly, may be fraudulent or owe money to the IRS. Their main responsibility is to evaluate financial information. They have a deep knowledge of accounting procedures, tax laws and IRS-related regulations. Examiners are often asked by their employers to secure records for each case they are assigned, including client contacts, telephone numbers and any other pertinent information. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for tax examiners, collectors and revenue agents is $50,440. The top 10 percent of examiners earn more than $92,000.

Financial analyst
Financial analysts are experts in evaluating investment opportunities. They work in a variety of businesses, like banks, pension funds, securities firms and insurance companies. Analysts like these are brought in as consultants to help people or businesses choose investments and streamline their portfolios. They look at current and historical data, and analyze economic trends to develop projections for the market. Financial analysts can be categorized as either buyers or sellers. Buyers develop investment strategies for businesses that own a large amount of liquid cash. Mutual funds, hedge funds, money managers and some large nonprofit organizations are just a few businesses that can use the expertise of buy-side analysts. Sell-side analysts are advisors to financial service agents who sell stocks and other investments. According to the BLS, financial analysts earn a median annual salary of $76,950. The top 10 percent earn $148,430.

Forensic accountant
Forensic accountants work with businesses and law enforcement to investigate and identify illegal activities involving a company's finances. They search through records, money transactions, and various in-house and external accounts. Forensic accountants look for fraud in many areas, ranging from employee and bankruptcy to securities and credit card transfers. According to the BLS, they earn a median annual wage of $63,550.

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