New Year's Resolutions for Business People

Consider making New Year's resolutions for your professional life, with goals like creating a better social media presence and promoting your skills.

People with careers in business may look back on the last year thinking about the mistakes they made. Instead, consider how you could spend the next year improving yourself and your business, and make some professional New Year's resolutions.

Strive to be a better employee. Go out of your way to get things done to the best of your ability and on time. Treat your co-workers and your bosses with respect and integrity. If necessary, do things that are not in your job description in the effort to get things done and show your boss that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Listen more. Especially if you are in a position of power, it can be hard to make time to listen and communicate with everyone who requires your attention. If someone needs to talk for a brief moment, do your best to do so. If they want more of your time, have them schedule a meeting with you. This way you will both be accountable to meet and communicate. Listening carefully to what people have to say  is a great way to earn their respect.

Get more involved in promotion. Be assertive about your skills and the assets that are your time and business. If you have an idea, speak up. Offer your services and skills on tough projects and it may get you noticed. If you think you deserve a higher position and a pay bump, don't be afraid to show that you are capable and to ask for it. Your superiors may not even know that you are interested in the position.

Promote your company by earning a good reputation for quality and helpful customer service. Establish who your target audience is and market towards their goals and needs. Advertise in local papers, trade publications, flyers and on the web if it is in your budget. 

Better use social media. Maybe you signed up for LinkedIn and Google + but you just haven't made the time to become an active presence. Take some time to fill out the profiles with a photo, job experience and resume. These are valuable resources for networking and finding jobs. You may be missing out on opportunities by not having a professional social media presence.

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