The Power of Mentoring

Almost every young professional pursuing a career in business dreams of the classic American rise to success. Ambitious businessmen and women see their future in front of them with success stories emblazoning their rise from a hardworking low level worker to vice president or executive. There is reason for such a dream. A business career comes with a great salary, fantastic benefits and an ineffable sense of fulfillment. However, you're not going to get there all by yourself.

For as much as your road to success may be unique, someone has done it before you. So why not learn from them? Mentors are extremely important in the business world and beyond, and perhaps the most rewarding part of finding this relationship is later being able to pay it forward. Once you've made your mark on the world, you can help someone just starting a business career leave theirs.

This archetypical story has always been accepted on some level, but now a new study has found evidence that the help of a mentor makes a tangible difference in one's career path. For those looking to make the most of their nascent career, it's important to find someone to guide you after you've achieved your business degree. Then pass it on once you've paved your road to success.

Find a Mentor
If you're still new to your career, finding a great mentor is imperative. However, it might not be easy to go about asking someone to sponsor you. Before looking toward anyone in particular, consider what you want to learn from a mentor, and ask yourself what both of you stand to gain. Cultivating this relationship relies on both parties getting fulfillment. Remember that a mentor's reputation is somewhat dependent on yours. Also consider that many large companies offer mentoring programs, according to Forbes. So it might be as simple as talking to your HR department and getting paired up.

Being a Mentor
One of the best ways to learn about this relationship is to be a mentor to someone else. To do so, you should be in regular contact with your mentee, and help them with their career goals by opening up your network, giving them advice and being prepared to recommend them for a new job or responsibility. 

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