Twitter Etiquette for the Business World

In today's world, having a career in business means being able to successfully use social media in a professional manner. When using platforms like Twitter, it's important to remember that you're not only representing yourself on a personal level, but also in the business world. Your past, present and future employers may be able to access the information you put out on Twitter, so follow these tips for proper etiquette:

Don't flood the market
Just because it's possible to send out dozens of tweets per day doesn't mean that you should. If you want people to value your opinion, it's important to think carefully about the content that you're putting out into cyberspace. Your followers don't want to know what you had for breakfast, but they may be interested in that fascinating article you read while eating your cereal this morning.

Be clear about whom you're representing
It's a good idea to clearly separate your personal and professional Twitter accounts. On each account, make what you're representing extremely clear. For example, your business Twitter profile may feature your professional portrait and company logo, while the background on your personal account could include a photo from your latest vacation. Eliminate all references to your employer on your personal Twitter page.

Add value
While it's OK to retweet on occasion, you should try to add value to everything you put out in the Twittersphere. Instead of simply listing a headline and providing a link, give your opinion about the article and its relevance to your industry, or pull out an interesting quote. If the news story references a trending topic, include a hashtag.

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