Uber Offers Personalized Rides with New Spotify Partnership

Ride-sharing app Uber has partnered with Spotify to allow users to control the music when they use an Uber ride.

On Nov. 17 2014, Uber announced a new partnership with music streaming app, Spotify. The partnership will allow Uber passengers to connect their Spotify playlists with their Uber ride to listen to personalized music in the car. 

According to Uber, the app integration will also include exclusive content, like live sessions and artist ride alongs, from top artists like Matt and Kim, Andrew W. K., Diplo and more.

The partnership kicked off on Friday Nov. 21st when riders in 10 cities across four continents could download the latest version of the Uber app and connect it to their Spotify account. In certain cities, Uber users could request a special car and if they were lucky would be taken to a live session in a secret location. App users in San Francisco had the chance to take a ride along with Matt and Kim. Sydney Uber users could have happened upon a ride with Ricki Lee. In London, randomized lucky riders were taken to a live session with Professor Green and NYC riders had a chance to see Andrew W.K. in person. 

Using Spotify during an Uber ride is as easy as connecting the two accounts. Just sign on to the Uber app and connect your spotify account. Then look for a driver who is Spotify-connected. Once your ride arrives, use the music bar on the Uber app to control the soundtrack to your trip. You'll notice the Spotify playlists are different when accessed through the ride-share app. New playlists geared towards road trips, date nights, house parties and more are available when riders connect their accounts. 

Currently this option is only available to Spotify Premium members in the eligible cities but more locations are coming soon. For people without premium accounts, the companies agreed to give Uber users a week-long free premium trial.

People with careers in business understand the importance of partnerships like the recently begun relationship between Uber and Spotify. Both businesses gain more clients by expanding their networks and combining their marketing resources while solidifying customer loyalty. While many users of the music-streaming app were already using Uber, they become more likely to stay with the company and not take rides from competitors because of the ability to control their ride soundtrack. Spotify fans who have never used the ride-sharing app are more likely to hear about it and give it a try now that the two companies have formed a partnership.

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