San Antonio Becoming a Magnet for Young Professionals and Students

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in America for many reason, with relatively strong job prospects being just one of those.

Career advice doesn't always come in the form of the famously uttered piece of guidance, "plastics," from the 1967 film "The Graduate."


September Jobs Report Spells Both Good and Bad Business News

In September, the U.S. continued its slow but steady rise back to pre-recession employment levels.

According to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Labor Department, the unemployment rate fell to a five-year low in September.


5 Things You Should Know About Your Paycheck

You go to work and get a paycheck, that much is clear. But what goes on or what should go on behind the scenes can be a bit of a mystery. Here are 5 things you should know about your paycheck.

1.Salaried? You may still be eligible for overtime. You're only ineligible for overtime if you meet the strict exemptions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you're not doing high level independent work, managing other people or programs, or rolling in the big bucks, you're probably eligible for overtime pay if you work more than 40 hours a week. (Or 8 hours in a day in some states.) Overtime eligibility is determined by what type of work you do, not by how you are paid.


Washington State Ranked Sixth Best Tax Environment in the US

In a recent report, the Tax Foundation ranked Washington state among the top 10 best tax climates in the country.


Stock Market Index Hits Record High

The stock market was jumping on Oct. 18, with the S&P 500 hitting an all-time high.

Oct. 18 was a great day in business news, as the Standard & Poor's 500 Index ended the afternoon at a record high for the second day in a row.


Nobel Prize in Economics Goes to Three Americans

The 2013 winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics were rewarded for their work on predicting markets.

The announcement of the Nobel Prize in Economics winners is often one of the more interesting pieces of business news every year.


5 Ways to go Above and Beyond at Your Job (and Get Noticed Doing It)

Have you ever been passed over for a promotion that you knew in the depths of your soul you had earned? Have you ever looked at your annual raise and cried/died a little inside? Have you felt overwhelmed and underappreciated at the same time? Work at any business long enough, and you've probably felt all three. The thing is, you might be the best person in your company at doing exactly what you are required to do, but if you aren't going above and beyond your basic job requirements (and getting noticed doing it) then chances are you are going to stay exactly where you are while getting paid almost exactly what you are currently making. Here are a five tips on how you can kick it up a notch and get the job or pay raise you are after.


How to Deal With Bad References

References are great when your last boss A. loved you and B. is completely sane and wonderful. When those conditions aren't met, sometimes references can be a bit of a challenge. Here are three questions from people without perfect references and what they can do about it.


I'm Gone: What to Consider if You're Thinking About Quitting Your Job

A video produced by now former video journalist Marina Shifrin, which she used to announce to her bosses that she was quitting her job, has gone viral this week, and it highlights the career indecision and uncertainty many people are facing in today's market.


New Report Shows Positive Economic Growth

Resurgent economic growth in European countries like Italy will likely have a positive impact on the U.S. market.

If you're thinking about pursuing a career in business, now might be the perfect time, as the overall world economy appears to finally be escaping the grip of recession it has been trapped in for more than five years.


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