4 Helpful Apps for Teachers

Your students may enjoy learning about math and reading through the use of apps.

Technology can be a very useful tool in the classroom. It can help you keep track of grades, contact parents and even improve your students' learning habits. Here are some helpful apps for people with careers in teaching to try out:

This app, by ITWorx Egypt SAE, will help you do the not-so-fun part of teaching: administrative tasks. Use it to keep track of attendance, grades and even make notes on your students' behavior. The app is free and easy to use. Plus it's a great way to keep track of multiple classes, whether you're a high school teacher with several different sections of students or an elementary teacher with various subject matters and one group of students. Worried about losing all your information? Back up all the data to Dropbox for easy security and accessibility from any device.

Edmondo, Inc created this app to help teachers interact with their students outside of the class. With Edmondo​, you can easily hold classroom discussions, post assignments, share files and keep track of grades. How many times have students claimed they didn't get the reading or they lost the assignment? Eradicate this excuse by posting reading material and assignment requirements on your Edmondo account. Students can access it to partake in extra activities, or access homework assignments that they forgot at school. Use the handy voting feature to enhance in-class materials and include a multimedia aspect to your subject.

Sushi Monster
Scholastic created this app to help kids work on their math skills. Students can learn reasoning skills, addition and multiplication by picking the right numbers from the sushi counter to make sushi rolls, aka sums. There are 12 levels in increasing difficulty to encourage students to have fun while learning about math as they earn points, stars and trophies to unlock each new level.

Super Duper StoryMaker
If your school has iPads or devices for students to use in class, this is a great app to encourage storytelling and imagination in elementary-age children. Super Duper StoryMaker helps kids to create their own stories using drawings, photos, text and handwriting. The stories can then be shared with friends and family, right from the app. Students will learn about reading, spelling, sentence structure, story building and grammar with this app from Super Duper Publications. If your school doesn't have access to the technology needed for this app it's a fun one to tell parents about. Who wouldn't love receiving a digital story from their child?

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