4 Ideas for Classroom Fundraising

A bake sale is a great way to raise classroom funds.

Becoming a teacher online is a great way to make your continuing education affordable. But once you have the degree, it's also going to be important to find ways to fund your classroom. Administrators and teachers often have school-wide fundraisers to get everyone involved. However, sometimes you might want to take your class on a field trip or buy special supplies, and that could require raising a little money with just your students. What's certain is that you'll want to develop a fundraising strategy that's fun for your students and accomplishes your financial goals. Here are four of the most common methods for classroom fundraising:

A raffle gives parents, acquaintances, colleagues and students incentive to pitch in. The allure of prizes can attract anyone, and makes donating seem like an opportunity to come out on top. There are a number of different types of raffles you can do. A classic 50/50 raffle gives each participant a shot at the grand cash prize, while raffles for prizes work as well.

How you run a recycling fundraiser depends somewhat on the state you're in. Some states offer up 5 or 10 cent deposits on returned cans and bottles, making it easy for students to rack up money quickly. Students can simply collect recyclables from their neighborhoods, as well as around school and then return the empties to reach a specific goal. In states without a return policy, recyclable materials such as cellphones, ink cartridges and other electronics can be sent to a recycle center in exchange for cash. 

Bake Sale
The great part about an old-fashioned bake sale is that it's easy for everyone to participate. Students can bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies and pastries with parents or siblings and then sell them at a school or community event. This can also be easy for teachers who aren't the best in the kitchen, since a number of easy-to-make and premade baked goods are available at any grocery outlet.

Garage Sale
It's always hard to tell what items people will find valuable. Garage sales are a classic technique for making a few bucks while also getting rid of unnecessary knickknacks, gewgaws, bric-a-brac, trinkets, doodads and gimcracks.  

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