Create a Teacher Survival Kit

Make a survival kit for you or your favorite classmate that contains school supplies, treats and other helpful items for teachers.

As you are studying to become a teacher online, you can make a teaching survival kit with some necessary items to have in the classroom. Here are some great options to put in your kit:

Hand sanitizer
Kids are full of germs. So are classrooms. Keep some hand sanitizer on your desk to use whenever you feel like the germs may be making their way to you. Don't just use the run-of-the-mill variety - go for a scent that you enjoy. It will mask the intense astringent smell of the sanitizer and leave your hands smelling like pine trees, bubble gum or cinnamon. 

Candy and caffeine
You may need some chocolate or candy in between teaching about science and math and supervising recess. Keep a personal candy stash in your drawer to help get you through the day. You can also use candy as rewards for good behavior. If caffeine is more your thing, have a six-pack of mini cans of your favorite soda or energy drink on hand for those moments when you need an extra kick. Peppermint or cinnamon gum can also be helpful to keep you awake and focused and it takes up less space in your desk drawer.

Stickers are an awesome way to reward kids for doing well on an assignment or properly completing a task. Get some that glitter, are encouraging (with sayings like, "Great job!" and "Way to go!") and fun ones with pictures of dinosaurs or something that you are studying. Place stickers on homework that has been done exceptionally well and hand them to kids that are doing their best in class. Stickers are a fun way for your students to tell their parents that they've done a great job by showing them the sticker on their shirt or test.

Office supplies
While your school will provide you with some supplies, you may want to have your own stash just in case you run out or need something they don't offer. Have pencils, pens, scissors, sticky notes, dry erase markers, paper clips, staples and a stapler on hand in your classroom. Rubber binders, chalk, and marker board wipes are other helpful supplies you may need. Keep them all in shallow trays in your desk drawers. This will help you to stay organized and easily find what you are looking for.

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