Fitness Tips for Teachers

Find what time of day works best for you to get in a workout. Try before and after work to see which one fits with your schedule.

Teachers spend all day giving to their students, helping them learn and grow into knowledgeable adults. What do they do for themselves? Exercising can help to boost your immune system, promote weight loss and good overall health and even reduce stress. Here are some fitness tips for people with careers in teaching:

Sign up for an event
Some people find that they are more likely to work out if they are working towards a specific goal and deadline. If that sounds like you, browse local fitness events in your area. These can be fun like a neon light or color run or a 24-hour dance off. Looking for a more intense option? Try a mud race or an obstacle course. Look for one that is a few months away to allow you time for the proper strength and endurance training. 

Enlist a friend
Working out can get boring and it's not always easy to find the motivation to do it. To curb your boredom and even make some friends, see if your colleagues may want to join you in training for a run or doing a daily workout. You're more likely to go to the gym if you have someone expecting you to meet them there. People who work well under pressure find working out with someone they know to be especially helpful. You can even make your exercising habits a friendly competition to see who can be the most consistent or improve the most in a certain amount of time. You'll benefit from the companionship and your friend will be glad you asked them to join you.

Find the right time
Maybe you're too tired after wrangling third graders all day and you aren't likely to go to the gym after school. Instead, wake up an hour early and get in a workout before heading to class. You'll be energized and ready to go. Plus, you won't have the guilt of ditching your plan to workout because you were too tired. If you live a long drive from your work place you may find that exercising at the end of the day before driving home makes you more alert and less likely to be dangerously drowsy. 

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