Google Opens Classroom to Teachers Everywhere

Google Classroom is now available for teachers everywhere.

Google is offering some good news for those considering a career in teaching. The tech company announced that its new educational product, Classroom, will now be available free of charge to teachers across the globe that have the Google Apps for Education suite. Major tech firms such as Google, Microsoft and Apple are looking reach the forefront of the educational market. Educators today are increasingly using an integrated curriculum, preparing students to effectively use technology socially and professionally. The creation of more educational tech tools is a huge benefit for teachers, especially in regard to classroom management. This announcement by Google comes shortly after a report by Fiberlink, an IBM company, found that professionals in the education sector use more apps than those in any other industry. The new Classroom application is a sure sign the tech savvy teachers, such as those that earned a bachelor's degree online, are paving the way to more efficient management practices.

The Google Classroom
Google has already made quite the impact on many classroom environments. Chromebooks recently found their way into many classrooms, providing teachers with the devices necessary to implement technologically-oriented lessons. Google educational apps have also become popular in classrooms, and programs such as Google Drive and Docs can make any teacher's life a little more organized. The Classroom app in many ways merges these functions, offering teachers a way to create assignments, communicate with students and organized documents. Importantly, the application provides a platform for teachers to discuss assignments with students who can then ask questions and make comments in real time. Classroom management apps such as the newest educational offering from Google allow teachers to dedicate more time and energy to helping their students. 

The company provided a preview of Classroom in May, and since then over 100,000 educators signed up for the free trial. The Classroom app is now available in 42 languages and can be accessed by teachers around the world. Application developments such as Classroom demonstrate the increasing emphasis on the role technology plays in education. Teachers entering the workforce today can benefit from using devices that best prepare students for a tech-ready world. 

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