Holiday Relaxation Tips for Teachers

All the craziness before the holidays can really stress teacher out. Try these tips to relax during your school break.

The weeks leading up to holiday break can be stressful for people with careers in teaching because the impending vacation often signifies the end of the quarter or semester. This means lots of homework and grading, projects and all around stuff to do. Once you've finally passed that last day of school and can take a breath, try these relaxation tips to enjoy your holidays and unwind from the holiday madness:

Allocate your time
Most people look forward to vacation from work to relax and also to finally work on things that they've been putting off. If you have a to-do list of housework or even teaching planning to get ready for the new year, make sure to schedule time for this. Choosing a day or several hours for a few days and scheduling it into your calendar will help you to stick to those plans, making you more likely to complete them and to not spend time outside of those specific hours working on work stuff. Vacation is supposed to be mostly relaxing, after all.

Accept help
As a teacher, you are the one giving others help most of the year. During your holiday time, try to let others help you. Especially with all the cooking, present-wrapping and decorating, there is a lot to do. Have your children, friends and family help out so that you can spend some long-needed quality time together and get everything done at a more relaxed pace.

Catch up with friends
There is a lot of pressure during this season, from making sure you get the right gifts to decorating your home and attending every get-together you are invited to. Take a break from those demands and catch up with a friend. Not every aspect of the holidays is a blast, and being able to talk about it and even forget about it while chatting with a friend can really help to alleviate stress.

Take some you time
All year round you give to your students. This is your chance to stop and spend hours watching your favorite shows, do a DIY manicure and pedicure and maybe take a hike through the snowy woods. Make time in your busy holiday schedule to do what you want to do. You'll be more relaxed and able to take on the new year.

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