How to Tell if You'd be a Good Teacher

If you enjoy learning and have a lot of patience you might be a great teacher.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a career. How much the positions salary is and where you could work are two big ones. It's also important to consider if you would enjoy the job and be good at it. Is it something you would enjoy? Here are some ways to tell if you would be a good fit for a career in teaching:

You've got patience
Regardless of the age of students you teach, you'll need to be calm and patient. Not everyone learns at the same speed and being able to understand that is incredibly helpful for teachers. If your class is composed of younger children it is especially important to be patient as they can take more time to learn new things.

You enjoy learning
Keeping yourself interested in your subject matter is a must. If you are enjoying learning about the solar system and all the moons of Mars your students will be able to tell. They'll be much more likely to care about the topic and to put effort into the class if they feel that you are learning alone with them. You have freedom to change up your lesson plan and cover topics that are of interest to you and your class, so why not make time at school fun?

You're a quick thinker
Things change in the classroom all the time. Maybe the students aren't quite as fast at an assignment as you thought and you need to change the lesson plan. Perhaps a student asks a question that sparks a debate and you need to refocus the day on covering that topic. Being able to think quickly is an asset to teachers, regardless of what grade and subject they teach.

You can make learning exciting
Think about your favorite teacher. They were probably the one that made learning fun. Not only was their class a blast, you actually retained the information they were teaching. Often, getting creative can really help to get through to a class. Bringing in an element of enjoyment, like a game, keeps the students engaged and interested in the subject matter. Using new ways to convey topics can also make remembering things easier for your class.

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