Inspirational Blogs for Teachers to Follow

Turn to the internet for some teaching inspiration in blogs written by educators across the globe.

If you are looking for places to find new ideas to use in the classroom, search no further than the internet. There are plenty of amazing blogs out there by education professionals and people who have careers in teaching. They offer fun ideas for activities, tips and tricks and advice on student-teacher relationships and many other aspects involved in working in schools. Here are some exceptional blogs to check out:

For funny teaching moments
One elementary educator started Regurgitated Alphabits in 2008 as a way to share hilarious little moments in her daily teaching life. She posts funny happenings and conversations with her students. Elementary kids really have some interesting things to say! You'll laugh out loud and maybe even relate to some of these great tales.

For tech insight
Jamie Forshey, a teacher and self-proclaimed geek, is the creator of Edutech for Teachers, a blog all about interesting technology to use in the classroom. Her posts discuss new apps and websites for teachers to check out and potentially integrate into their lesson plans. If you're looking for creative activities to do with your students, this is the site for you.

For substitute teachers
There are many obstacles for substitute teachers that differ from those that have their own classroom and are located at one school. "Mr. Homework" writes this blog called "Just a Substitute Teacher" that addresses the unique trials and tribulations of being an impermanent part of the school system. He shares funny stories and helpful advice for full and part-time teachers. You're likely to get a laugh out of browsing this site.

For all things teaching
Scholastic's Top Teaching blog is written by 10 elementary teachers who post topics covering most school subjects. They share creative approaches and innovative ways to get kids learning. If you're stumped on lesson planning, head to this site for great ideas to get your students engaged and interested in the classroom. This blog features a lot of photos and videos on topics like organization, classroom discipline and even step-by-step project instructions. You can subscribe to this blog and get posts about your grade level sent to your inbox.

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