Managing Stress While Earning Your Online College Degree

Managing stress while earning your college degree online

Earning your degree online takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Whether you are pursuing a career in information technology or business, there will be times when you feel the stress mounting, which can cause you to lose focus. However, there are plenty of healthy ways you can deal with frustration, anxiety and other stress-related experiences. If you want to learn how to keep your performance at a high level while keeping stress levels low, read on:

Be aware of your body
With so much information entering your mind from online lectures and textbooks, it can be easy to forget to listen to your body. Pay attention to what it is saying to you. Focus on the activities that make you feel great and be aware of what makes you feel sluggish. This might mean doing a quick 15 minute workout before you study or avoiding alcohol the day before a final exam. When you develop the ability to recognize the causes of stress, you can make better decisions involving lifestyle choices.

Plan for stressful moments
Exams, critical projects and even monthly projects can be a source of anxiety for many students taking online courses. You can keep yourself in a healthy state of mind and body by building your support system before situations like these arise. Close family, friends and even study partners can be the support you need to help you get back on track. Also consider marking the days in your schedule that you know will be frustrating. Prepare for these events by allowing yourself to rest adequately and develop eating habits that boost your brain power. 

Adjust your learning environment
Taking online courses gives you the freedom to learn material from the comfort of your home. However, unless you set up an environment where you can accomplish your tasks, you may get sidetracked. Consider adjusting your study space in a way that helps you absorb information. Working next to a TV or a bed might be counterproductive. Also think about the people with whom you surround yourself. Disruptive personalities can be hard to deal with when you are trying to concentrate. You don't have to completely separate yourself from your friends, this can be a source of stress as well. However, you will want to make sure they recognize when you have to study. Set a timetable for leisure activities with the people that you care about. Relieve stress by being entirely present instead of splitting your attention between your friends and your studies.

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