Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development is important for teachers.

After you've decided to take on a career in teaching, it's important to continue to further your personal education. That is to say, a teacher must constantly focus on professional development in order to provide students with the best education possible. Professional development for teachers is often mandatory, and in the past has taken on such forms as lectures and workshops from peers and administrators. However, in today's teaching world, educators are fortunate to have numerous personal professional development options. This is due in large part to an increased focus on building toward an integrated curriculum in classrooms, as technology can benefit teachers as much as it does students. Here are several areas in which teachers are focusing  their continued professional development.

Teacher collaboration is taking form across numerous platforms. Collaboration can be as simple as finding one day a week when teachers from the same school can workshop ideas and curriculum together at the end of the day. Although, collaboration can also take on a more technological approach. Educators can share ideas and news over social networks such as Twitter. Entire classrooms can collaborate through video conferencing programs such as Skype. This gives teachers the opportunity to develop professionally with the help of educators all around the world. 

Crisis Training
Over the past decade, crisis training has become much more common for teachers. Outside of the traditional tornado and fire drills, educators are being trained to deal with various situations that can occur during school hours. Police are often brought in to assist with this form of professional development.

As more classrooms benefit from the addition of SMART boards, laptops and tablets, teachers need to be prepared to incorporate technology into their lesson plans. Educators have an obligation to continue learning about new tech developments and Internet programs that can be used to prepare students for a computer-based workforce. This can mean starting a class blog or using social media to stimulate students both academically and creatively. For teachers with SMART boards, professional development courses are usually offered so that educators can make the most of this device.

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