Teachers Benefit from Befriending Librarians

Libraries now offer more than just books.

If you are looking to become a teacher online, a great place to begin your research might be the public library. Modern public libraries have come a long way from being musty annexes for endless rows of books. Public libraries today tend to be more like community salons, complete with computer labs, career centers and multimedia rooms, providing author readings, poetry slams and other literary events open to the public. This transformation is true for school and academic libraries as well. 

Why teachers should know their librarians
When students are outside of the classroom, libraries are a great venue for researching papers, studying for exams and discovering new books for leisure reading. School librarians often have insight into students' academics and overall school functions on a broader level, acting as literary factotums, tutors, book providers and overall champions of education. Public libraries provide study programs and give students a place outside of school to focus on their workload.

Benefits of befriending the librarian

  • Librarians have strong knowledge of the Common Core State Standards and are able to find ways to creatively and constructively help students and teachers meet them. 
  • School librarians have access to research tools that might not be directly available in the classroom. Moreover, in many instances school librarians can collaborate with public and scholarly libraries to open up additional academic resources. 
  • Librarians attend conferences that keep them abreast of new book publications and can keep you informed of upcoming titles that are relevant to your curriculum.
  • School librarians interact with many of your students and are aware to their scholastic and leisurely reading habits. This gives librarians the unique ability to provide reading recommendations that could be academically beneficial. Perhaps you have a student uninterested in science class that happens to really enjoy science fiction. Suddenly you have a new way to engage that student. 

How to get to know your school librarian
Of course, the easiest way to get to know your school librarian is frequenting the library. Schedule time to take your class there and utilize the library's resources. Talk about what you like to read and ask about their reading choices as well. 

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