Texas Continues to Provide Opportunities for Careers in Teaching

Austin, Texas has been one of the hubs for job growth in the state.

The state of Texas has weathered the Great Recession storm as well, if not better, than any state in the union, and according to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that trend should continue.

Part of the reason Texas has been relatively successful at creating jobs over the past few years has been its thriving education and health services, which, according to the report, has been the No. 1 employment growth area in the state recently. It also doesn't hurt that young students, as evidenced by middle schoolers in McKinney, Texas, are thinking about their futures, including how to get jobs in the evolving green economy.

Latest report spells good news for Texas
The bureau's August state unemployment report suggests that, despite cuts in the public job sector, Texas' private economy is still going strong. However, one area that seems to be mostly unaffected by those public spending cuts has been education, as that field, combined with health services, added 6,700 jobs in August alone.

Driven by the thriving metropolises of Austin, Dallas and Houston, and those cities' environs, Texas is continuing its strong economic recovery, with an unemployment rate that is nearly a full percentage point below the national average.

That is one good piece of education news in a state system that has been otherwise mired in controversy over the content of its textbooks lately. And it should be a good sign for those who want to pursue a career in teaching in Texas.

Texas children preparing for the future
One of the ways Texas is trying to continue its run of success is by preparing students for an evolving economy. According to Star Local News, four teams from Evans Middle School in McKinley have entered the Lexus Eco Challenge, a national contest that encourages middle and high school students to design and develop environmental programs that can have a positive impact in their communities, in the hopes of defending their championship from last year.

One Evans team focusing on green jobs decided to ask private businesspeople, state representatives and even President Barack Obama the question, "How do we get from here to there?" in regard to those jobs of the future.

Their solution was to hold a "Green Jobs Career Day" where they invited speakers from the public and private sectors to address how today's kids can start preparing for careers in a future economy that will be more dependent on workers with skills that can apply to environmentally-conscious businesses.

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