Valentines Activities for the Classroom

Have each of your students cut out and decorate a paper heart. Use a hole punch to make a hole in each one and string them together to make a decorative banner for the classroom Valentine's Day party.

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and it can be a lot of fun for people with careers in teaching. It's a great opportunity to teach students some fun crafts and have them share what they like about each other. Decorate your classroom and have a blast with your students by doing these Valentine's activities:

Make cards
The quintessential Valentine's Day craft: cards. With the actual holiday landing on a Saturday this year, you have the perfect chance to help your students make Valentine's cards for their friends and family members the day before. Use glitter glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, patterned paper and string to create fun, original cards that tell the recipient they are loved. This is also an awesome opportunity to work on spelling and writing.

Create a banner
This is a great idea to make a decoration for the classroom or at home. Have each of your students cut out and decorate a paper heart. Use a hole punch to make an opening in each one and string them together to make a banner. Hang it up in your classroom to celebrate Valentine's Day together. You could also help your students to make their own string to take home. Have each student cut out and decorate several hearts, maybe representing different members of their family or people they want to give Valentine's to. Use colored yarn to string them together and send your students home with a fun decoration for their home. 

Throw a party
Instead of popping in a V-Day movie for the kids to watch on Friday afternoon, host a party full of crafting stations. Have 4-5 stations for your students to create cards, decorate cookies, write friendship love letters and more. Create tic-tac-toe with a big peice of heart-shaped paper and mini hearts of two colors for the player pieces. Use pipe cleaners to create heart-shaped Valentine's rings and fold red and pink paper to make V-Day paper airplanes. Print out coloring pages from the web for your students to use crayons, markers and paints to fill them out. You can even have each student create a construction paper mailbox and have them bring their own valentines and candy to share. You'll have a ton of fun making and decorating the boxes and reading the cards inside!

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