Apps and Sites that Teach Code

These interactive apps and websites are teaching people the basics of coding with fun games and projects.

Coding is complicated and many people would never consider attempting to learn even the basics for fear that it is too difficult. However, there are many apps and sites available that teach kids and adults the basics of coding in a fun and educational way. They may even garner interest for a futures in careers information technology. Here are a few of those fun sites:

This app, created by Lightbot Inc, comes in both a Junior version for kids 4-8 and a regular version for ages 8 and up. Lightbot users learn simple code by following instructions to move a robot across different environments made out of squares. The goal is to direct the robot to follow a path, stopping to light up the blue squares. At the beginning of each level, instructions show what new features you have access to, like loops, and how to use them. Then the player programs the bot with simple arrow commands and eventually adds jumps and repetitive loops. This app has been included in Apple Features as a "Best New App and Game." It's great for people that enjoy learning from trial and error.

This website is a great way to get kids involved in coding. This handy project includes tools like X-Ray Goggles, which you install in your Web  browser, that allow you to use a magnifying glass to checkout coding on any website. When you hover over an area with the tool, you can see the coding it is made out of. The site includes online games and teaches beginner-level HTML, JavaScript and CSS. According to creator Mozilla Labs, the goal of Hackasaurus is not just to get kids involved with coding, but to allow them to see the web as something they can create, not just use.

Made With Code
Google created this initiative to get more girls involved in coding by providing workshops, mentors and online opportunities to write code and apply them to real life. Girls can design a snowflake, create an avatar, compose a song, make a gif and even program lights on a Christmas tree on this site. Plus they can talk to real-life mentors who use code for many reasons, like detecting and fighting cancer, creating fashion, improving their community and more. They can also meet other girls interested in coding at Made With Code camps and get-togethers. 

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