The Best Websites for IT Professionals

Learn the business of IT by staying informed online.

If you're considering a career in information technology, it's important to keep up with daily IT news. There are a number of fantastic online forums that not only focus on developments in the IT industry, but also provide insights for techies​ who are job hunting or looking to advance their careers. One of the major benefits of frequently reading such websites is learning the business side of the industry. It's important to keep abreast of both IT field-related news and business developments to remain relevant in this fast-paced career path. Here's a list of some of the best websites for IT professionals:

1. Tech Republic
Tech Republic offers a wide range of written content for IT professionals, varying from blogs to white papers, news stories, webcasts and community forums. It provides a strong blend of business news and IT expert advice. Not only will IT professionals benefit from intelligent explanations of new industry developments, but also from field-specific analysis of products and services. 

2. TechCrunch boasts a variety of thoughtful articles that apply to IT professionals on a broader level. Though you'll still find articulate pieces with precise analysis of devices and services filled with industry jargon, TechCrunch focuses more on major tech companies. In this way TechCrunch offers news that is more relevant to laypeople, offering a wider perspective of news about tech startups and giants alike.  

3. Business Insider
Though this publication focuses on business as a whole and not specifically the tech industry, the tech and strategy sections offer a balance of tech-business news and career advice, respectively. IT professionals can utilize this website for day-to-day general business news, as well as a place to consider strategies for overall career growth.

4. ZDNet
ZDNet works to provide both global and local tech news, desiring to be a main source for those looking to solve business problems and stay aware of recent developments. This publication has a 24/7-style news strategy, with constant analysis of trends and opportunities for those in the industry.

5. Forbes
Though this publication is more stock market focused, Forbes provides deft insight into developments that are of financial relevance to tech companies, and on a broader level offers analysis of trends in the industry. Tech professionals can utilize this publication for straightforward market and business analysis. 

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