Do You Need IT Security Skills Certifications?

Should you earn an additional IT security certification?

After earning an online information technology degree, you may not think that you need any more certifications. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for information technology professionals to earn IT security certifications. According to CIO, IT security certifications have gained 10 percent or more in market value for the second quarter in a row. The most popular IT security certifications are offered through the Global Information Assurance Certifications organization.

Certified Incident Handler
In the field of information technology, incident handlers are trained to defend against and respond to cyber attacks. The individuals must be well-versed in common attack techniques, vectors and tools. This particular certification process trains IT professionals in areas such as how to detect malicious applications and network activity, and how to improve processes by discovering the root causes of problems.

Certified Firewall Analyst
Certified Firewall Analysts are responsible for more than just the maintenance of firewalls. They also design, implement, configure, monitor and maintain a secure technological perimeter for organizations. In addition to firewalls, this covers VPNs, routers and overall network design. These perimeter defense systems are integral in the fight against cyber security threats.

Certified Forensics Examiner
If you have an interest in using your IT skills to work in legal and law enforcement industries or information security, it may be beneficial to become a certified forensics examiner. When earning this certification, you will learn how to both effectively collect and analyze data taken from Windows computer systems. This knowledge is extremely useful when conducting incident investigations.

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