How To Become a Web Developer

How to Become a Web Developer

When people pursue a career in information technology, they know that many job opportunities will be available to them. You can work at a large technology company or at a small enterprise as a network manager or security specialist. You might even start your own IT firm. One information technology career path that is often overlooked by IT​-degree holders is web development. 

What do web developers do?
Web developers plan, design and create websites. They often work with clients to help them identify what should be seen on the website, the layouts of various pages and user interface. Web developers, also known as programmers, try to predict what the client's audience would like to see. After the client has agreed to the design and layout of the website, developers work on making it a reality. They create applications that the website needs to operate and address any issues or bugs that arise during the development process.

Programmers mostly work with code, using languages such as HTML, Java, C++ and XML. If they work for large firms, developers often work in teams. Each team is responsible for producing a certain aspect of the website. As a developer, you could work with the graphics and design departments of your company to integrate images, sound and video into a webpage.

What type of degrees or qualifications should a web developer have?
Many web developers begin with a degree in web design and supplement their education with a degree in a specific area of information technology or another relevant field of study. Depending on the industry you decide to go into, employers will expect at least an associate's degree. However, you can make yourself more marketable if you have a bachelor's or graduate degree.

Web developers should have a comprehensive knowledge of various computer programming languages such as HTML, Javascript and SQL. If you are interested in web development, you should consider learning as much as you can about various multimedia publishing tools like Flash.

Why should I pursue a career as a web developer?
There are many reasons why you should pursue a career as a web developer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for web developers are expected to grow 20 percent through 2022. The median annual salary for developers is $62,500. The top 10 percent earn more than $105,200 annually.

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