Improving Customer Service Performances at IT Help Desks

Improving customer service performances at IT help desks

If you pursue a career in information technology as an IT manager of a business, one of your most important tasks will be to maintain great relationships with your customers while meeting the objectives set by department executives. A lot of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of professionals working in the call centers and help desks of an organization.

Developing a team that can field any question at a moment's notice is the ideal help desk environment. This can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Your team should have clear goals and a consistent schedule for completing objectives. As a manager, you will also need to establish a process of improvement should an employee show any inefficiencies. Here are some tips to help you improve customer service performances at IT help desks.

Create work volume projections
Predicting how much work a call center or help desk will receive in a month can be complicated. Some weeks are busier than others, and during holiday or tax seasons, customer calls can seem endless. Help desks need staff that are capable of fielding telephone calls, web requests, incoming emails, direct text messages and client faxes. It may seem like chaos at first, but by tracking the repeatable patterns of delivery time, amount of work and method of arrival, you can accurately assess when your call center will become busy on a weekly basis.

Create schedules around customer needs
The dynamic environment of a call center makes it one of the most difficult departments to manage. Call centers are like manufacturing plants that need workers to be present at each station to deliver products on time. If an employee takes too long of a break, extends visits to coworkers or leaves the job early, the company can't provide adequate service to its customers. Therefore, a strict schedule should be followed in order to maintain a balanced and fair workload. You can use employee work volume projections to establish effective staff schedules.

Improvement on an individual level
Creating an effective call center or help desk team depends on the efficiency of each team member. If one agent is falling behind, cannot comprehend company protocols or is unfamiliar with certain platforms, those issues need to be addressed right away. Identify where improvements can occur by sitting down and observing calls. Offer additional training if your company has the resources. 

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