Tips for Acing your First IT Interview

If you are embarking on a career in information technology and are little rusty on your communication skills, you may want to brush up before heading off to your first IT job interview. IT interviews may require a slightly different approach than your typical job interview. Here's what you'll need to know to ace it:

1. Be honest
In an IT interview, it's particularly important to be honest about your skill set. You will likely have to go through a technical interview, where there will be very specific right and wrong answers to the questions that will be asked of you. Of course you should tell the truth about your work experience, but you should also be honest about your technical knowledge base. If you don't know the answer to the interviewer's question, say so, and explain how you would go about finding it.

2. Prepare answers
Before your interview, prepare and rehearse answers to common IT interview questions. The interviewer is likely to ask you about everything from your work experience to your education, to your knowledge of the industry, so be ready with confident and concise answers.

3. Be ready to prove your skills
Because IT skills are so specific, you should be prepared to demonstrate them for the interviewer if asked. It all comes back to honesty: Make sure you can do the things you say you can do on your resume.

4. Dress professionally
Although IT positions generally allow for a more casual dress style, for your first interview you should err on the side of professionalism. Aim for a business casual style: Men can ditch the jacket, but should probably wear a tie; Women should wear a skirt or pants with a blouse.

5. Be enthusiastic
You will want to come across as confident and positive in your interview, and that will stem from enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter and the job at hand. Engage the interviewer in a conversation about the technology industry and other relevant topics that you will both find interesting. It will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge while bringing a level of comfort and informality to the interview.

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