Unexpected Jobs in Information Technology

If you are earning a degree in information technology, you undoubtedly know that it's a field that is becoming an increasingly integral part of our daily lives. As a result, careers in IT are expected to see significant growth over the next decade, according to The Wall Street Journal. If you want to enter this exciting field but are unsure if a traditional IT job is right for you, consider these unexpected information technology jobs with great growth potential:

1. Cloud architect
As companies increasingly turn away from traditional data-storing centers and look toward the cloud, IT professionals are needed by businesses to help maintain control and security and reduce costs by developing a private cloud. Aside from establishing and managing a private cloud, you can also use your skills to help companies choose public cloud services.

2. Mobile technology expert
Combining your IT degree with mobile technology-specific knowledge can make it possible to become a mobile technology expert. Depending upon the job listing, this can mean anything from building mobile apps to creating mobile strategies, to managing fleets of mobile devices for a business.

3. Business architect
Technological savvy is integral to the way that business is conducted today. It not only drives the way that companies pursue their goals, but is also a key component of organization and strategy. As a business architect, you would use your IT skills to help plan and execute ways that technology could be used more effectively. This requires knowledge of the company's business model in addition to thorough IT knowledge.

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