Which IT career path is right for you?

If you are considering a career in information technology or are receiving an education to further your career advancement, one of the first major decisions you will need to make is which IT career path you would prefer: technical or managerial? Here are the important differences between the two:

If the technical side of IT is more appealing, you are likely a very hands-on worker. You will also need to enjoy learning, because IT professionals must stay constantly up-to-date on new technology. Professionals on the technical side of IT are more likely to work independently, so if you consider yourself to be more of an introvert, it might be right for you. If you decide to take a technical career path, you will also need to choose your specialty. If you prefer to take a broader approach to IT, then you may want to consider a managerial path instead.

IT managers, as opposed to technicians, should enjoy working with other people and be able to get along with many different personalities. The managerial side of IT can also expose you to many different aspects of information technology, including planning and finance. Having a management position will require you to have an understanding of business operations, as well as the market and competition, so you can work with customers to achieve their goals through the proper use of technology. If you do not have interest in IT beyond its most technical aspects, then management may not be right for you.

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