IT Degrees Open up a World of Opportunities for Graduates

IT professionals who are fascinated by trains might be able to find a way to indulge their passion through their career.

One of the remarkable aspects of a career in information technology is the enormous range of industries within which you are able to work. With computers and networking being necessary to operate almost every kind of business in the modern world, having an IT degree prepares you to follow your other interests into almost any field you choose.

IT in behavioral health
Most people have at least a passing interest in psychology. After all, it's the study of the human mind, and who isn't interested in learning more about how their own brains, and the brains of others, work?

As with most fields within the health care sector, behavioral sciences are in need of IT professionals to help them work through technological issues relating to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the overall transition to electronic health records.

Behavioral Healthcare magazine recently released its 2013 Information Technology Vendor Survey. The survey delved into how effectively eligible providers of EHRs were accomplishing the goal of finding meaningful uses for software in the drive to meet national health objectives.

The results were positive overall, with most of the 40 EHR products surveyed getting a grade of "complete," the highest ranking in the survey. Beyond evaluating current products, the results show the growing opportunities for IT professionals in the behavioral health industry.

Trains use IT, too
Trains have held people's fascination since the invention of the steam engine by James Watt in 1781. And to this day, they are an important part of the world's infrastructure.

Being such an integral part of modern society, train operations naturally require IT services, as was seen with the recent awarding of a nearly $14 million contract by the Railroad Commission of Texas to modernize the organization's IT systems.

It goes to show that IT professionals with basement train sets can follow their passion into the private sector and become the virtual conductor they've always wanted to be.

IT in schools
In an effort to save money on textbooks, school systems like the Warren Local school district in Georgia are switching to iPads and other tablet devices as an alternative to traditional print materials. That transition is taking place across the country, and will require intense efforts by education-focused IT professionals to help make it a smooth and beneficial process.

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