IT Professionals Can Use Pinterest to Further Their Careers

IT professionals can use Pinterest to advance their careers.

While you may think that Pinterest is primarily a place to pick up recipes and unique design ideas, it can also be strategically used by people with careers in information technology to get a jumpstart on their job searches and make the right connections. Not convinced? IT pros can use these tips to showcase their knowledge and connect with influencers in the industry.

Make the most of your home feed
Your home feed is where all of the pins from the people and organizations you follow is gathered. To keep your feed professional and information technology-focused, do what you can to find influencers within your industry. This can mean following the chief information officer at the company where you aspire to work or following leading information technology news sources like TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal. Pinterest is an easy way to gather all the important IT information that you need in one place.

Create a digital resume
Another unique way that Pinterest can be used to further your career is by creating a digital resume of sorts. You can create a pin board on your account that lists your job experience, accomplishments and hobbies that you would normally include on your resume. Because Pinterest is a little less formal than LinkedIn, it's OK to get creative. However, be careful that everything you pin is appropriate. Consider including things like graphics and PowerPoint slides that illustrate your IT skills.

Pin helpful information
As you peruse Pinterest, make a point of pinning information that could be helpful for your job search either now or later in your career. Infographics or articles pertaining to the information technology industry should be pinned so you know exactly where to find them if you need to reference them down the road. 

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