Potential IT Job Opportunities In Government

Potential IT Job Opportunities in Government

People entering a career in information technology should consider working in the government digital security sector. Cyber attacks that can severely compromise entire networks of data are a real threat. High-ranking officials and government contractors see the potential harm unprotected devices or malicious software can do to an organization's operations. Public trust, investor confidence, reputation and profit margins are at stake when agencies have low-quality security and privacy systems. Federal organizations are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their websites and data centers protected, which means boosting their cybersecurity staff. Both military and civilian organizations will be seeking out talented IT analysts, specialists and managers to create and maintain advanced security systems. Here are a few government employers that will be looking to increase staff numbers dramatically:

Department of Homeland Security
One of the largest areas of growth in cybersecurity is within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This agency is directly involved in protecting the confidential information of all websites under the ".gov" domain. While many federal departments are floundering in debt and budget deficits, the DHS has been struggling to fill positions. Recent legislation proposed an amendment to the 2002 Homeland Security Act requiring the DHS secretary to conduct periodic assessments of the agency's efficiency. The secretary will have to report on various aspects of DHS operations including strategy, threat readiness, number of ranks, training, projected retention rates and recruitment policies. The department will seek out to fill IT job vacancies immediately to meet the standards of the new legislation.

The Army's new cyber command center is currently under construction at Fort Meade in Maryland. In the next few years, the Army plans to consolidate its base of operations and house approximately 1,500 personnel there. The cyber command center will oversee a global network of more than 21,000 employees. The Army plans to add 660 new military and civilian workers to the center by 2016.

Air Force
The Air Force Cyber Command will also be seeking out individuals to join its ranks as the military transitions into a Joint Information Environment in which every branch of the armed forces will share local and global information. The AF Cyber Command will be in charge of operating the AF Information network, defending digital resources and neutralizing cyber threats. AF Cyber Command employees will also work on state-of-the-art automated defensive capabilities. More than 2,000 personnel are expected to fill positions in the AF center by 2016.

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