Preparing IT Departments For Next-Generation Cloud Applications

Preparing IT Departments for Next-Generation Cloud Applications

When preparing to pursue a career in information technology, understanding the industry's current landscape is crucial. One of the most relevant developments in the field is cloud-based application and its potential to change the way companies conduct business. Understanding certain trends revolving around cloud applications - whether they are analytical tools, cloud-specific software, management options, platform services, etc. - can be useful information when you find yourself making decisions as an IT professional.

Essential operating tools and frameworks
Many IT managers and executives believe in the massive advantages that cloud tools can provide for a company. However, installing new cloud-centric devices, integrating them into an existing framework, and training staff who can operate and maintain efficiency within the new structure can be challenging. Decision-makers often have to make a choice between cost and effectiveness. But with the development of a type of cloud carrier model called network functions virtualization (NFV) in the works, that could change.

Network functions virtualization takes away the hassle of having to place new machines into an existing infrastructure. Instead of installing extra cloud hardware to run IT department operations, software features would be integrated into the existing network. Vendors already package and sell network features that boost data security and off-site workload balancing. As the technology continues to evolve, more applications can be added virtually. Services like customer relationship management and other essential applications can be purchased and used just as easily as a firewall or monitoring system.

Considerations for the future of cloud services
In the same way the advent of the water wheel or steam engine eased the workload of early communities, cloud technology will help change the way developers create new software. The important, but common, responsibility of ensuring speedy and safe data transfers won't have to preoccupy the minds of IT professionals like it did in the past. Developers can now focus on tasks that are specific to cloud technology and make giant leaps toward network efficiency. For example, in October 2013, TIBCO Software released a line of cloud-centric services focused on streamlining management, analytics and deployment. TIBCO Cloud MDM, Spotfire and Clarity products offer a single platform to view data records from multiple-domain environments and accurate information gathering.

IT professionals in the U.S. and around the world will continue to perfect cloud-based technology. Staying informed of its changes and developments will make you a formidable force in the information industry.

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