Top 4 In-Demand IT Jobs

Work your way to one of these in-demand IT jobs by getting the right skills.

Part of working on an online information technology degree is preparing yourself for the job market. You need certain skills to be attractive to employers and an education gives you those abilities. However, you should also consider which jobs are most in demand when you select your course of study. Getting the proper training to fill the roles companies need most will help you land a great job. Here are the top four most popular careers:

1. Software developers, applications
Software developers are the people who create the applications you use. They also analyze the needs of users and upgrade their designs to better accommodate them. Developers can work individually, as a team or even oversee programmers. When you think of working as a software developer, imagine creating the program that makes the apps on your phone move when you tilt the device. 

Average annual salary: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, developers make a mean annual wage of over $93,000.

2. Mobile app development
With the popularity of mobile technology, companies need people who can design and create applications. Most retailers have an app customers can use and they push them heavily. You can become the person who designs apps and move ahead in your career quickly. Mobile app developers are considered for senior positions if they have just three or more years of experience.

Average annual salary: According to a survey by, mobile app developers make an average of $94,000 annually. 

3. Software engineer
This position is similar to developers who work in applications. You would design and create software for your company. Prepare for an engineer position by leaning a variety of popular software, including Java and C++. You should also be well versed in cloud storage and implementation, as more companies want cloud-based software that runs smooth and is easy to use. Getting a finishing degree in software engineering is important in this career path. 

Average annual salary: According to, software engineers make about $90,000 a year on average. 

4. Project managers
This position combines software knowledge with management skills. You will oversee projects for your clients, making sure development is completed on time and on budget. You must be detail oriented, a good leader and know software. Get a degree in business or computer science to qualify. 

Average annual salary: According to, project managers bring in $89,000 a year. 

Find out more about in-demand IT careers and how to achieve your goals by checking out this guide. 

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