3 Places to Search For Jobs

The internet isn't the only place to look for jobs. Ask your professors to help you make valuable connections that may lead to a job offer in the industry of your choice.

Job searching is not like it used to be. Walking around town with your resume will only get you so far, especially if you're looking for a position in a highly competitive area or industry. Today's job searching is best done both in-person and online. Be sure to check out these places when looking for a new job:

Your school
Your college is a very valuable resource, not only to learn about job openings but to make connections within the industry you are interested in. Talk to your professors. They may also have knowledgeable career advice and tips on how to structure your resume or ways to ace an interview. Some of your professors are already working in the world that you are looking to get into so they may have great connections to help you get a job. Ask if they would introduce you to people in companies you might be interested in working for. An informal chat over coffee may be the start of a fulfilling career.

Create a thorough, professional profile on LinkedIn and add your professors, fellow classmates and any people that you know in your chosen career field. If you are looking for positions at a particular company, be sure to follow it so you can get updated news on job openings. You can also create a search using the particular field you are looking to get into, salary requirements and location to see who is hiring near you. Upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile and you can easily apply to positions with just one click. The network is also very helpful at showing you who you know that has a connection at the company you're applying to. If applicable, take advantage of those networking opportunities and you'll possibly get a leg up on the competition.

Major companies often have recruitment profiles on Twitter that exclusively post job opportunities. Smaller companies post right on their main profile. This is a great place to check for potential jobs to apply to because not many people think of Twitter as a place to search. You can receive alerts when specific profiles post, which may allow you to quickly fill out and turn in an application, impressing the company with your enthusiasm and timeliness.

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