Apps for Nurses

Check out these helpful apps for nurses.

The human body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels and around 700 muscles, not to mention the 206 bones and countless other parts that keep us running. That's a lot to remember. If you are seeking an online nursing degree and need to bone up (pun intended) on some human anatomy, try these awesome apps.

Human Anatomy Atlas
This app uses 3-D imaging to map the more than 4,600 structures that make up the bodily systems. With this helpful app, you can learn about diseases and conditions in their English and Latin terms as well as take quizzes to help you remember what you've been studying. Students, patients and health care professionals use this app to understand and visualize human anatomy.

Davis Mobile: Nursing Procedure Checklists
This handy app will help you study up or remember 169 common nursing procedures, from measuring vital signs to perioperative nursing and urinary elimination. It's helpful for classes, during clinicals and for relearning things you may have forgotten. There are specialized topics like assessing a patient's hair or heart and vascular system, as well as generalized topics like nutrition, pain management and sleep.

This tool is used to help professionals and students in diagnosing medical issues. Input your patients' symptoms and vital signs  along with any lab results, and a list of possible causes is just a tap away. 

If you're looking to have it all in one app, check out Omnio. You'll have a database of over 2,600 U.S. brand-name drugs complete with images, dosing calculators and interactions. The app also provides access to The Merck Manual, the best-selling medical textbook in the world, and a library of specialty resources from organizations like the American Diabetes Association and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. There are also over 500 medical calculators to help you with especially complicated calculations. If you're interested in following journals and news on certain specialties, you can build your own feed and follow all the latest news.

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